Last night, I bought a course through Udemy – “Learn C# Code by Making Games – Complete Unity Development 2.0.”. It was only $12 and it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. Learn a bit of C# but also get my feet wet in the Unity Engine.

I’m really excited about this course. I’ve completed the first couple sections (basic stuff, downloading Unity and Microsoft Visual Studio, logging onto the course message boards, and playing with shapes in Unity). This is the part of the learning process that’s fun. It’s easy to do the introductory sections of just about any course – you’re engaged and excited to learn.

I saw a statistic that said around 85% of students drop out of their MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). I’m guilty of dropping out of a few MOOCs myself. Most of it came from times when I thought a topic was interesting then, after a few lectures, realizing I lost interest. Part of it too, I’m sure, is that there isn’t any real disincentive to dropping. I never paid for the courses and I wasn’t really getting a grade, so there was no harm in ghosting.

I did pay for a couple months of Treehouse when I was interested in learning Swift (iOS programming language). Treehouse was great, but I stopped taking those courses for a couple of reasons. One was that I didn’t have any app ideas, the other was that I wasn’t learning as quickly as when I first started. It was more difficult to wrap my head around concepts so between not having a single app idea and my growth slowing, I quit.

I’m typically not a quitter, but I do vacillate from topic of interest to topic of interest quite frequently. At one moment I am absorbed by the American Revolution, in another, I’m obsessed with Existentialism. What’s the saying – Jack-of-All-Trades, Master of None?

All I can say is that at the moment, I’m excited by the idea of game development, and I plan to spend ample time trying to learn the material. As much as I can, considering I am married and have a full-time job not related to game development at all.

Why am I spending time writing this?

Although I journal, I thought adding these posts to my website would help me think through my thought processes more. It’s one thing to write in a private journal about all the things you intend to do, it’s another to make those thoughts public. I’m also hoping it will be a practical method to write more and enhance my learning by recalling content here. This will also help me keep track of my progress and what I’m up to. Maybe get a few followers along the way.

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